I have some questions, how shall I contact you?
ANS: We will be happy to answer your questions pertaining to our service. You can call us at +91 – 98408 90256 or email us at getstarted@phdhelpinghand.in

How can I place my order?
ANS: We are a consulting service for PhD candidates and to be able to quote for our service, we first need to understand your requirement. As such, please first call or email or fill the enquiry form through our website. Once the scope of service is finalized, we shall quote and then you can pay in our bank account to get the work initiated.

What is the procedure of arrangement of consultation session with you?
ANS: After you get in touch with us, we shall understand your requirement and then if required, we can organize a call with the consultant to ensure that we both are on the same page. Our client service executives shall schedule such a consultation session/call with the research guide.

If I do not find already allocated consultant’s service worthy, will the consultant be replaced?
ANS: Our services are guaranteed to provide you with genuine research consulting in a time bound manner. In the rare event, when you are not satisfied with our services, we shall organize for revisions/iterations at no extra. We offer free revisions on the work done for up to 30 days from the date of submission of work to you. Further, to carry out each revision, we may require up to 8-10 working days. Revisions are applicable only if the original topic and research objectives are unchanged.

If I’m located in another city, how would you provide me consultation?
ANS: Location is no more a barrier, thanks to the digital media of communication. We offer our services to everyone from India and many of our clients also reside abroad. Since most of the work allocation happens through our Panel and emails, distance as a barrier does not matter. Further, our research consultants are happy to schedule a call with you through Phone, Whatsapp, Skype and Viber.

Will I be given any receipt to assure my order has been placed?
ANS: Yes, once the scope of service is finalized and you make the payment through the website payment gateway or a bank deposit, you shall get a receipt of the amount paid.

Will the thesis prepared by you would be accepted by every university?
ANS: We are not a thesis preparing agency. We are a research consulting agency to assist PhD candidates in their research. We assist candidates through our varied services in accelerating the research process. We are not liable for acceptance or any grades of the work candidate submit to their respective University.

What are the academic fields you provide services for?
ANS: As of now, we are rendering PhD consulting service for almost all areas of research including (but not limited to): Biotechnology, Management, Accounts, Law, Social Sciences, Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Chemistry, Literature, Architecture, Environment Science, Political Science and Medicine.

How much time do you take to prepare my thesis?
ANS: As earlier stated, we do not prepare just the thesis. Thesis is the outcome of intense research done by a PhD candidate. We offer all our services in a time-bound manner and we will communicate to you well in advance about the deadline for completing the service before accepting payment for the same.