What is Not Covered in Our Service?

Before we let you know what we do not cover in our service, let us tell you what all we cover through our comprehensive range of research support services. Here are our major services that ensure end-to-end personalised assistance and solutions to all your PhD troubles:

PhD Consulting: We have a team of expert guides who understand your specific research issues and offer tips to handle them strategically. Our professionals offer all-round assistance at each stage of your project, whether it is the choice of a suitable thesis topic, methodology selection, review of literature, analysis of data, or discussion of your findings. Our interactive guidance lets you learn out of the consultation process. Thus, it also becomes easier for you to defend your thesis.

Review and Editing Support: We not only help and guide you on the development of your proposal or thesis, but also support you by polishing your work for language and format. We answer your questions related to the writing of specific chapters and sections in your research documents, as well as make you comply with the apt writing style suggested by your institution. We edit and proofread your work in order to make it clear, concise, and comprehensive for your target readers.

Statistical Help: While we assist you in writing every chapter of your thesis, we also help you with the portions where statistical knowledge and support is required. Whether it is the design of your study, sampling procedures, questionnaire design, or analytical tools and methods selection, we bring the advanced statistical expertise of our professional statisticians at your disposal.

What we do not offer

While we offer end-to-end consulting services, please note that we do not provide readymade solutions. Through one-on-one guidance, we resolve your problems and help you create original work and enhance it. However, we do not offer a ready-to-submit thesis for direct use. Even if we offer any documents, you can use those only for reference. Based on our consultation, you can write effective and high-quality documents. For further enquiries, you may send us an email at getstarted@phdhelpinghand.in.